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Tip for Amethis : search for a training course by selecting all the organizing services (column "service organisateur"), then in the "title" column start with the % sign, then a keyword from the title.
Ex: %ethique (avoid accents)

Doctoral students must follow a minimum of 100 hours of training during the preparation of their thesis.
Several services are involved in the implementation of training courses that can be consulted on Amethis: the doctoral schools, but also the Pays de la Loire doctoral college,doctoral site poles and libraries of universities. Remember to identify the organizing service if you wish to obtain information on a training.
The training calendar of all the services involved in the doctoral field can be consulted on the Amethis website → Calendar

Non-catalog training - Attendance certificate and "Équivalences"

For non-catalog training, you must ensure that the training organization sends you proof of your participation.
To facilitate this process, you can use the model provided below.
Once completed, this document will have to be uploaded in Amethis under the heading "catalogue des équivalences " so that the hours completed are attached to your training time account.
proof of participation model

Please note that the ED has established a list of training courses that are eligible for an equivalence. They can be found in Amethis because they begin with "SIS_EQ_".
You can find the list of "equivalences" here

Training exemption

Depending on your situation, you may be granted an exemption from a part of the 100 hours of training. For any request for exemption, the exemption form must be completed and returned to the ED site management. Once signed by the ED management, you will have to upload it in Amethis in "equivalence" so that the granted hours are displayed on your time account.

Download an equivalence on Amethis

For more information please consult the FAQ on amethis

Open science

Guide published by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.
Download → here
Printable version → here
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