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Offers with institutional funding

Each year the Doctoral school organizes a competition to recruit new doctoral students. Offers publication for doctoral projects starting in February and are posted online. The audition of the candidates usually takes place in mid-May.
You can find the information for this year → HERE

What is a PhD thesis?

► A work …

  • Long: 3 years (no more!)
  • Demanding: scientific quality, personal investment

► … of research …

  • Progressive building
  • Needs to be well defined
  • Discussion with other researchers
  • Training

► … that comes in the form of …

  • A manuscript (~150/200 pages) defended publicly in front of a jury
  •  Communications (congress, articles, reports, …).

► ... that highlights skills …

  • Of very high level
  • Of international rank

► … and it is a recognized sesame for

  • Access to public and private research carreers
  • Significant responsibilities

Considering a doctorate

The doctorate is based on an original and formative research project, which should enable the candidate to become an international expert in his/her scientific field.
The doctorate is a professional research experience, which allows the candidate to obtain an internationally recognized diploma at the "BAC"+8 level.
It is traditionally carried out over 3 years (6 years maximum if it is done part-time) during which the doctoral student carries out research work on a particular subject.
The doctoral student carries out his/her research under the responsibility of a thesis director, who holds the french "Habilitation to Supervise Research" (HDR).
The program ends with the defense of the doctoral student's thesis, which allows him/her to acquire the degree of doctor.


Conditions of access

To be able to do a thesis, you must hold a national diploma at the master's level or obtain recognition of an equivalent level, following a course of training or professional experience establishing your aptitude for research.

Finding a thesis subject and a host research unit

Thesis subjects are generally offered by the research units present in the institutions accredited to deliver the doctoral degree.
To consult the offers, go directly to the websites of these research units. Please note that the application procedure may be different depending on the financing of the proposed subject.
Other actors can propose thesis subjects. This is the case for the "private law doctoral contract" or the Cifre theses in connection with the ANRT.

In addition, some websites relay thesis offers

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